Functions of the ward Committee

The ward committee shall discharge the following functions namely

  1. Prepare and submit ward development scheme to the corporator and allotment of funds
  2. Ensure proper utilization of the funds alloted under ward development scheme in the ward
  3. Approve the list of beneficaries for the benificary oriented scheme of the corporation submitted by area sabhas falling under the ward
  4. Supervise all programs and schemes being implemented by the corporation in the ward
  5. Ensure timely collection of taxes, fees and other sums due to the corporation
  1. Ensure water supply maintenance in the ward and finalize location of new public taps and public wells
  2. Ensure sewage system maintenance in the ward
  3. Ensure proper solid waste management and sanitation work in the ward and finalize location of new public sanitation units
  4. Ensure maintenance of street lighting in the ward and finalize location of new street lights
  5. Ensure maintenance of parks, open spaces and greening of the area in the ward
  6. Ensure afforestation and implementation of rain water harvesting schemes
  7. Mobilize voluntary labour and donation by way of goods or money for implementation of ward development schem and various programmes and schemes of corporation
  8. Inform the corporation regarding any encroachment of the land belonging to corporation
  9. Perform such other functions as may be assigned to it by the corporation as per its bye-laws
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